The fifth AGP installment is pure ear candy. It is a remarkable piece of electroacoustic music by Philippe Mion, released on the INA-GRM (Institut National de L'audiovisuel, Groupe de Recherches Musicales) label in 1987 (INA-GRM no 9118 mi). The GRM was founded by Pierre Schaeffer in the 1950s and merged with the INA in the 1970s. It has included among its members many of the all-time greats of electroacoustic music. Most of the INA-GRM LP releases are now available on CD, and can be bought from electrocd.com in Montreal (as well as other places, I imagine). The INA-GRM catalog includes some dynamite works by Bernard Parmegiani, Ivo Malec, Francois Bayle, and others, that I would certainly include in AGP if they were not already available.

Surprisingly, L'Image …conduite (The Averted Image) by Philippe Mion does not appear to be in print. Mion assembles a delicious collection of electronic and acoustic sounds, and interleaves them in ways that might be described as fugal. The texture is rich and complex, and yet spare enough to enable each sound combination to be enjoyed to the fullest. L'Image …conduite was originally a 70-minute composition on 4-track tape, but was trimmed to 57 minutes and reduced to 2 tracks for the LP release. Although divided between the two sides of an LP, it is intended as one uninterrupted movement. The composer recommends that it be listened to fortissimo!

The installment includes the original liner notes in both English and French. I'm afraid the French notes are an unedited output of my OCR program, as it would have taken too much time to edit them, given my limited French.

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